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Episode Six: Looking at Japanase American Internment in Today's Political Climate

In Episode Six: Looking at Japanese American Internment in Today's Political Climate, Dr. Cawthra sits down with Dr. Craig Ihara, emeritus professor at CSUF.  Dr. Craig Ihara shares his stories about being born in a Japanese internment camp and reflects on today's political climate.


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Out of the Archive COPH Narrators

Clarence T. Nishizu

Clarence Nishizu stands in front of truck


Clarence T. Nishizu is a longtime Japanese American community member in Orange County. He was relocated from Buena Park to Poston Internment Camp in Arizona in 1941. 

For more on Clarnece T. Nishizu contact COPH: coph@fullerton.edu

Dr. Craig ihara

Craig Ihara black and white portrait


Dr. Craig Ihara is Professor of Philosophy Emeritus at CSUF and helped create the Asian American Studies program at CSUF.  He was born in Rohwer Relocation Camp.

For more on Dr. Craig Ihara contact COPH: coph@fullerton.edu

Sue Embrey

Sue Embrey standing in front of plaque at Manzanar


Sue Embrey was an activist, educator, and a longtime chair of the Manzanar Committee. She helped create the annual Manzanar pilgrimage where she was interned.

For more on Sue Embrey contact COPH: coph@fullerton.edu

George Fujii

George Fujii standing with other internees at Poston Camp


George Fujii was interned at Poston incarceration camp where he secretly released dispatches from inside the camp and went by the psedonym "The Voice of Nisei".  Nisei means second generation Japanese American.

For more on George Fujii contact COPH: coph@fullerton.edu

Lillie  McCabe

Portrait of Lillie Mccabe


Lillie McCabe was an incarceree at the Santa Anita Temporary Assembly Center and Granada (Amache) Incarceration Camp.

For more on Lillie McCabe contact COPH: coph@fullerton.edu