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Episode Twenty-Three: Digital history as public history

In Episode Twenty-three, Dr. Benjamin Cawthra talks with CSUF Assistant Professor of Digital Humanities and New Media in History, Dr. Jamila Moore-Pewu, and CSUF History graduate and Digital Ethnic Futures Outreach Coordinator, Scherly Virgill. They discuss the growing field of digital history, its relationship with public history, and collaborating on various digital history projects, including Mapping Arts - Orange County and Networked OC, a digital public humanities project that seeks to document the past, present, and future of Black-owned businesses and community organizations in Orange County through digital maps and data storytelling.

Later, in our Out of the Archives segment, archivist Natalie Garcia presents oral history clips from interviews with Connie Jones, Ernestine Ransom, and Dr. Reverand James Carrington.

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#Networked OC Team Group of six staff and students from CSUF stand outside in front of wall with arms raised in air, in excitement

#Networked OC team doing a soft launch of the project at the 2022 Segerstrom Center Juneteenth Festival

Students enrolled in Dr. Moore-Pewu's Introduction to African American Studies, History of Orange County, and Digital History Practicum courses spent the 2021-22 academic year conducting research and combining data from COPH's African American History CollectionsOpens in new window , along with newly released census data and historic maps, to produce the first ever 3D reconstruction of Santa Ana's historic Little Texas neighborhood, which was a hub of Black business and community building in Orange County in the 1950s. You can follow the Networked OC projectOpens in new window online and on Instagram at @networkedproject.



Out of the Archives


Ernestine Ransom and Bob Johnson sitting in chairs behind microphone

Out of the Archives narrator Ernestine Ransom, with Bob Johnson, oral history interviewer and co-editor of A Different Shade of Orange.


The narrators featured in our Out of the Archives segment include: Connie Jones, Ernestine Ransom, and Rev. Dr. James Carrington. All of these interviews were conducted by Bob Johnson, former head of the Fair Housing Council and scholar on Black history in Orange County. Johnson was co-editor of A Different Shade of Orange: Voices of Orange County, California, Black Pioneers,  a collection of oral history interviews from COPH's collections that focused on the experience of Black migration into Orange County.

A Different Shade of Orange is available for purchase in our book shopOpens in new window .

For more information on these narrators, or to request any of our oral histories, contact COPH at coph@fullerton.edu