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Episode Nineteen: Mapping Confederate monuments

In Episode Nineteen, Dr. Benjamin Cawthra sits down with graduate students, Luca Azuma, Fernando Lopez, and Melanie Vigil to discuss Mapping Confederate MonumentsOpens in new window , a web-based archive created by students in Cawthra’s Introduction to Public History class at Cal State Fullerton. The project examines the creation, history, and current status of 40+ Confederate monuments. The students share their research, reflect on the recent protests for racial justice, and talk about how the Confederacy has been remembered in public spaces and the current debate over the removal of Confederate monuments.

Later, in our Out of the Archives segment, archivist Natalie Garcia presents oral history clips from interviews with Judge Loren Miller, Melina Abdullah, Regine Smith, and Matt Gush.

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Out of the Archive Narrators

Judge Loren Miller
Judge Loren Miller seated at desk in front of bookcase.



Loren Miller was a journalist, civil rights activist, attorney, and judge. In Miller's oral history he talks about his early life and newspaper career,  Black organizations in Los Angeles, school segregation, civil rights activities, Fair Employment Practices Committee cases, wartime riots, and protest movements.  

Miller's oral history interview was conducted on March 3 and April 29, 1967 by former COPH director and CSUF Department of History professor, Dr. Lawrence de Graaf, for the African American Oral History Project.

For more information on Loren Miller contact COPH at (657) 278-3580 or coph@fullerton.edu


Melina Abdullah

Melina Abdullah portrait smiling against a black background


For more information on Melina Abdullah contact COPH at (657) 278-3580 or coph@fullerton.edu

Regine Smith

Regine Smith portrait smiling against white background


Regine Smith is a UCLA graduate and an aspiring medical school student. Smith discusses  the Covid-19 pandemic and shares her thoughts and participation concerning the recent resurgence of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Smith's oral history interview was conducted by Humberto Mendez Valadez for the Covid-19/Black Lives Matter Oral History Project, on October 22, 2020. 

For more information on Regine Smith contact COPH at (657) 278-3580 or coph@fullerton.edu

Matt Gush

Matt Gush portrait smiling against a white background


Matt Gush is campus photographer for California State University, Fullerton. In his oral history, he shares  his experience with Coronavirus, and his involvement in photo documenting the Black Lives Matter protests in Los Angeles over the course of six days.

Gush's oral history interview was conducted by Jocelyn Aponte for the Covid-19/Black Lives Matter Oral History Project, on October 19, 2020. 

For more information on Matt Gush contact COPH at (657) 278-3580 or coph@fullerton.edu