Price, Vivian

Professor, CSU Dominguez Hills; California Teacher's Association; Former union member, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW); Documentary filmmaker





An oral history of Vivian Price, former electrician, union organizer, women in trades organizer, and current professor of Interdisciplinary Studies at California State University, Dominguez Hills. The purpose of this interview is to gather information regarding women in grassroots, activist movements in Southern California. This interview is part of an oral history project, the Women, Politics, and Activism Since Suffrage Project. Specifically, this interview talks about Price’s childhood in Ohio; describes moving to New York; notes the impact that the teachers had on her while in New York; describes being surrounded by many different friends of different backgrouds; notes the impact of her friends on the way she thinks; mentions the role of social justice in her home; describes her educational background; mentions her first lesbian relationship during her school years; describes her involvement in helping the Palestinian community; describes the difficulty in find work in academia; notes this is why she took her first factory job; describes being fired from many jobs because she was a women in a traditionally masculine field; discusses her first involvement with the electrician trade; describes moving from job to job after being let go from Southern California Edison; discusses her involvement in the creation of the Electric Women group; describes going back to school for her doctorate while working as an electrician; mentions her role in the electrical district; describes her treatment while an electrician; mentions how unions are helpful for the members; notes that unions give people rights; discusses what she is most proud of during her time as an electrician; notes her involvement in the Women’s Employment Project; describes why she thinks it is important for women to be involved with trades; discusses her leadership style; describes the impact she thinks the election of Hillary Clinton to president will have on women; notes that she is most proud of the films she has made since becoming a professor; shares her appreciation for being able to be an out lesbian in the academic world.


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