Rivera, Marisol

Labor leader; Vice President, SEIU-USWW Orange County, Local 187




An oral history of Marisol Rivera, union organizer and vice president of Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local. The interview was conducted for the Women, Politics, and Activism Since Suffrage Oral History Project for California State University, Fullerton’s Center for Oral and Public History. The purpose of this interview was to gather information regarding Rivera’s with the SEIU. Specifically, Rivera talks about her childhood in El Salvador, parents occupations, and why her family came to the United States; role models; why she became a union activist; how she outreaches to her coworkers; talks about the 2000 union strike at Paramount Pictures; why immigration reform and health insurance are important issues to the union; challenges to her work and value of empowering women to be control their lives; describes her leadership style; how she balances family and work roles; what motivates her to continue fighting for union organizing; what messages she received from her parents about gender roles and how being a woman affected her work with the union; differences in how men and women lead; why she is not a feminist; challenges of her job and why there’s still more work ahead; role of religion in her activism; importance of educating people about politics and voting rights; why women should be activists; shares advice to young women interested in becoming activists; walks through an average day; and finally, talks about challenges janitors face in the workplace.


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Description> Marisol Rivera and Analia Cabral standing in the SCIU United Svc Workers West building’s computer lab, 2015.