2007 Santiago Fire Project


Gone Through Fire: Documentary

2007 Santiago Fire


19 oral histories

Center for Oral and Public History,
California State University Fullerton


Literary Rights and Quotations
The recordings and manuscripts are made available for research purposes only. No part of the oral history may be quoted for publication without the written permission of the Center for Oral and Public History, California State University, Fullerton.

Requests for permission to quote from these publications should be addressed to:
Center for Oral and Public History
California State University, Fullerton
P.O. Box 6846
Fullerton, CA 92834

or: coph@fullerton.edu

The request should include identification of the specific passages and identification of the user.


Antrim, Patrick J., Canyon resident and Orange County Fire Authority battalion chief
Beasley, Janice R., Canyon resident
Brown, W. Dean, Canyon resident
Campbell, William (Bill), Orange County Supervisor
Carter, Diane & James, Canyon residents
Frick, Brian, Canyon resident
Gilchrist, Marcella J., Canyon resident and Tucker Wildlife Sanctuary site manager
Grossman, Marc, Canyon resident and reserve firefighter
Hand, Steven, Canyon resident
Hunt, Robert (Bob), Canyon resident
Johnson, Deborah, Canyon resident and Inter-Canyon League president
La Bar, Paula, Canyon resident
McWilliams, Phil, Canyon resident
Mitchell, John L., Canyon resident
Myers, Judy, Canyon resident
Newell, Bruce, Canyon resident and Volunteer Fire Station 16 chief
Peterson, Chalynn, Canyon resident
Richards, Amy & Rusty, Canyon residents
Scheibel, Vickie & Robert (Bob), Canyon residents

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